Monday, November 20, 2017

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replica mcm backpack the life that everyone must face. In the end, people still have to accept their own education in their own land and find their own cultural roots. Therefore, for our generation of education workers, we cannot but answer the question seriously: how should we take on the local responsibility of education in the age of globalization?

First, we have to provide the best education for children according to the nature of education. Parents are flocking to send their children abroad to think that the local education can't meet their own needs. He or she is going to look out. To complain, criticize, or even abuse, the most fundamental thing is to try to improve the quality of education. We should carefully compare the advantages and disadvantages of education, replica mcm backpacks learn the advantages, change the disadvantages, and improve education according to the actual situation.

Generally speaking, good education has two important characteristics: one is to help children grow healthily. Let him (her) have a strong body; Steer him/her to look at the successes and failures in your life. Don't take things too hard and be as happy as you can. Education child becomes a good person, fake mcm backpack can not be perfect, but must be kind, do not do bad, be a bottom line, etc. Education, which does not allow children to grow up healthily, is not acceptable to parents. The second is to give children a good way out. Every family has a utilitarian consideration for their children's education, which should be understood and respected by education workers. Without a good way for children, any big education reform would be hard to get support from parents. The difficulty now is that it is difficult for schools to combine these two features when college admissions are dependent on a single gaokao score. Education, which can help children grow up healthily, is strongly opposed by parents because they can't improve test scores effectively.

However, the practice of improving test scores effectively through mass repetition training has seriously damaged the children's physical and mental health, and parents have not accepted it. Why can't we just unify the two? Why shouldn't education, which helps children grow up healthily, provide a better way for children? On these issues, government and university admissions agencies must be brave enough to take on their own education responsibilities. The government should better reform the admission system of examination and enrollment, and change the behavior of middle schools, mcm backpack replica students and parents through policy guidance. University admissions agencies have the responsibility and ability to support those secondary schools and principals who have run education to provide a good outlet for their students; And resist the bad education schools and principals, cheap mcm backpacks not the help. This will give people hope for reform of education.

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