Monday, November 20, 2017

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Replica Mcm Slides Really never thought about it? Not really. It was a question he or she had thought of, but it was a long time ago, long enough that he or she had forgotten it. When I was a child, when the adults asked the child, what did you want to be when you grew up? The children were always delighted to answer: scientists, astronauts, pilots, police uncles... However, when the children went to school, the questions were never mentioned again, as if they had never been seen before. Listen to the class, go home and do homework, attend the tutorial class, these are all the students life. As for the child's interest, what kind of person to be when he grows up, what kind of life to live, seems to have no one to care about, even if the child himself doesn't care. Almost all teachers, parents and students only care about one thing: how many points, what kind of school they can go to.

A well-recognized growth trajectory, Replica Mcm Slides For Men or the perfect education road map for parents, looks like this: the best kindergarten in the country; I have known many Replica Mcm Slides characters before I went to primary school. I can do complicated math problems. I can recite many classic works and speak fluent English. The best primary and secondary schools in the region; The best universities in Louis Vuitton Belt -- Peking University, tsinghua university; I went to harvard, the best university in the world, and so on. Of course, many people have been aiming at schools like eton and Exeter since middle school. Not everyone can achieve these goals, even if it all comes true, after that. What is the purpose of life?

This is not my imagination. Over the years, I met many excellent children around the world, he (she) are all talented, diligent assiduous, ball, never miss, always in the top group of peers, choose the best the best class, and the school is envy of others the somebody else's children. However, few people can observe the pain and confusion of his or her innermost feelings. There are a number of Peking University and harvard students told me that on the north or harvard is he (she) from sets up the goal, but one day when he (she) really in countless times appeared in my dream school, Womens Replica Mcm Slides will often fall into a deep anxiety: and what to do next? It was as if a mountaineer was wondering on mount Everest: where is the next mountain?

Mens Replica Mcm Slides Life needs goals, but society, schools and families don't teach children how to set goals. Our understanding of life and education is too simple and unimaginative. We always require children to succeed, to be better than others, to get into the best schools, but rarely tell him (her) what success means, life's happiness comes from where, what is best for you. Education is reduced to a straight line. All processes only exist for that final result: go to Peking University or go to harvard. No one told these kids what to do after they went to Peking University or harvard? Since then, life has become a smooth path, and no more difficulties and hardships. In 1923, lu xun once asked, in a thoughtful manner, what happened after nana left? I also want to ask: how do you get into Peking University?

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