Saturday, December 9, 2017

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The substitution of imported drugs for domestic drugs is inevitable, but it is too early to do so, and we can only hope that the replacement of drugs is not a good thing. If one day the official policy of banned drugs to sell, they will get another at the same time can make use of the evidence - people have financial strength to buy antiviral drugs, the antiviral drug fee also will be implemented immediately. replica mcm belt himself says he is not an infected person, so those who sell drugs will not care whether the drug is a fee. Who will take the medicine and who will pay. Third, the long-term harm of selling drugs is the slow introduction of drugs. The official status quo is to maintain the status quo, and they have not shown any positive attitude towards prevention and control. So when an infected person has the ability to buy their own medicine, if they need a better drug they can buy it on their own. That would give the authorities a reasonable excuse to snub down. These three deductions are not my scaremongering. It's going to be like this. And all three of the extrapolations would point to an infected person with no economic ability.

The poorer the worse,replica mcm backpack always says that the hospital also sells medicine, and sells so expensive, I sell more than them cheap, you how do not say them. There is a problem with the high price of medicine in the hospital, but other people's fault is not the reason why you did wrong. And hospitals selling antiviral drugs are aimed at blocking behavior. A lot of fixed point hospital, you go with the doctor to say my medicine lost a bottle, somebody else is to make up for you, say you two sentences at most. As for the community doctors who reflected in the previous day's weibo account, it is wrong to say that there is no medicine for the infected person to wait for a few days, but it does not justify the sale of drugs. I always holds on an attitude: antiviral drugs can flow, but not additional price, someone need to, you can lent or given, all of this is to help others, the somebody else willing to give money, that is the somebody else, you can accept can not accept, but no blatant want money with other people. Think of a person who claims to be volunteers, borrowed others two days because of the medicine, also is not to eat medicine, give others to 100 dollars, as compensation, claim is the service charge, I feel shy.

Look at the way he sells medicine. The initial drug should not be identified, and later on, it would have to provide identity information and prove that it was an infected person -- how to prove it, the report of the diagnosis? Now it is said that someone with A in three names on weibo. If someone is willing to register three accounts, it will be ok. But then again, now many people are opposed to hospital infection detection, leak information without authorization, what makes you to verify the real infection status, if not verify how do you ensure that won't be able to use drugs? This is a dilemma.