Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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Mcm Backpack Due to long-term smokers, his body getting worse, getting smaller and smaller, and even walking have become a problem, simply have been lying in bed. Delivery takeaway brother also said that Xu take even the strength to take-away are not, Cheap Mcm Backpack and every time the little brother put the rice directly to the bedside table. Mcm Backpack lying in bed, as if in a sleepwalking state. His house full of rubbish, emits bursts of smell, several times are the little brother put forward to go smoothly. Finally, on the last occasion, Mcm Backpack continuously smokes for more than 10 hours after which he became unconscious, incontinence was expelled, Mcm Backpack Replica and the odor was distributed outside the house.

The neighbors came in to see and found him wrong and took him to the hospital for diagnosis. Acute paralysis. The doctor can do nothing, only to take conservative long-term treatment programs, saying that this situation rarely encountered, no way. Inhalation of nitrous oxide, nitrous oxide large and continued into the body, can lead to a sharp reduction in the body of vitamin B12, inhaled limbs may numbness, memory and cognitive ability is getting worse, spinal neuronal activity was inhibited After the brain, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, nervous system are gradually affected. Mcm Backpack's parents want him to be sent to foreign treatment, replica mcm backpack and ultimately gave up, one more common in overseas laughter, and second, family and friends are in Mcm Belt Replica, can help take care of Mcm Backpack, to prevent him relapse.

Mcm Backpack Consumption records on bank cards and Alipay show that in the three months after returning home, Mcm Backpack spent as much as hundreds of thousands of yuan on smokers. His father regretted: I was not supposed to fight so much on him and blamed me for being poor, busy doing business and not caring enough for the Little Peak. Fives Mcm Backpack's father to take care of his business, stay in the hospital with his son every day. Rehabilitation process is very long, in order to give up his dependence on nitrous oxide, we have tried many ways, such as eating and naughty taste similar to the ice cream, but the effect is not obvious. Mcm Backpack said that a slight stimulation has been very difficult to touch him, ice cream in his mouth and cotton as boring. Those who used to bring him happiness or sadness, love, football, friendship, replica mcm belt have become insignificant. Naughty put his happy overdraft out.