Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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at the time of major events, it was inevitable that the demons were dancing, the degree of eagerness for hot spots, and the degree of eagerness for reading. It was evident that the human blood incident sold by Wang Lifen was a period of time ago . Between people set collapse ! The taste of heaven to hell is probably uncomfortable. Such an old media person can't help but wish for 10w+. It is a social hot spot. It may be overnight, and it is worth noting that it will be worthless. Overnight, take a station to the top of the media pyramid to smash up from the media and lay down the altar! Is the so-called water can carry a boat can overturn!

For two more letter of apology, there are few words to say: Do not say that you review lax sounding as much a fan of the amount of reading so much from the media, who with the letter you did not review process?

If you are a company that is even more powerful, if the values ??are collapsed, you will not get the respect of the public!

Once the article breaks through the bottom line, remembering that it has become a consumer, the discussion has become bloody. Don't wait until the company publishes a letter of apology.
tourists encountered widespread threats and forced shopping during their trip to Pattaya, Thailand. The 21-year-old Designer Belt black tour guide Li Hai, who was involved in the evening of May 11, was arrested in Pattaya by the police. They were also arrested together with the Thai Head of the Thailand TYT Travel Service, who will be severely punished under the Thai law.

Carefully read the news, it is not difficult to find with the Designer Belt people collusion foreigners, replica mcm backpack bullied their own compatriots case !

Rome was not built in a day, Reference News Network 15 years on an article titled black continent guides flooding in Thailand designed ruthless slaughter compatriots start, the article reported that the Thai police recently arrested in Bangkok six illegally from Belt Store Tourist guide. As more and more mainlanders arrive in Thailand, many land guides break through legal restrictions and earn a lot of money. Tourists report that tourists from land-based travel agencies often take tourists as their leaders.