Saturday, June 30, 2018

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Mcm Backpack Replica slept until the 10 o'clock half, enjoying the salad as I prepared a hot bath. After carefully checking the inside and outside of the room, how the landlord was a woman, the room was painted in that color, and the refrigerator was refreshed. The washing machine on the balcony and the electric water heater in the bathroom were new. There were various electrical instructions in the drawer. , And the porcelain cups on the table, one is a leaf pattern, one is a flower pattern, their gender suggests that there was a romantic love here.

I can easily like the previous room. Cohabitation more than 3 years ago, I like the empty Huaxi Street Room 602. I lived alone 2 years ago. I also like the empty new suite. I thought I moved to a new place and I didn't want it to have any legacy. Things. In fact, I am not so principled.

In a new place, settled. Open the laptop and write. The mobile phone rang from time to time. The female female shooter in Beijing, because of idleness at home for too long, moved the idea of ??work, but I advised her to give up; M SMS in Guangzhou said that overseas Designer Belt care about me and the progress of salad, I said salad was drunk last night. , I want to see his next performance, the girlfriend wants me to be calm and happy; Shanghai's YY said her love is like cotton candy, I said my boyfriend said my vagina is like a cotton swab, she said that both heaven and earth, are worth praising Then a man said that he had bought my book and waited for me to sign it.

Two days later, Shanghai met me. Then another man came to Guangzhou from Beijing and asked me what kind of cafe I had on Longkou East Road. I also said that I was not sorry. In Guangzhou, I couldn’t see me. Then there was a stranger who invited me to Chengdu to have a discussion with Li Yinhe. I said I just wanted to be quiet and write my own words... Before I finished work, I finished writing the proposition. Love forever.